Town of Arosio (CO)

Colonnine di ricarica Fastway Morbegno

The Town of Arosio, owner of a site in a highly trafficked commercial area near a major thoroughfare, aimed to install a fast charging station for electric vehicles. The challenge laid in the technical complexity and the need to minimize disruptions for the large number of users who frequent the area daily.

The FastWay Solution

FastWay tackled the challenge with ingenuity and collaboration. Working closely with the Town of Arosio, technical solutions were identified that allowed for installation without causing inconvenience to users. Collaboration also streamlined the administrative process, enabling the contract to be signed on June 30, 2023.

Achieved Results

The charging station was successfully activated within just 3 months of the contract signing. This swift activation period made FastWay the first operator to install a Fast charging station on the municipal grounds of Arosio, underscoring the efficiency and timeliness of the service provided.
The installed charging station includes 2 Fast charging points at 120 kW each.

Key Points

The success of the installation in Arosio confirms FastWay’s ability to adapt to complex contexts, offering fast and efficient charging solutions. Close collaboration with local authorities contributed to the project’s success, demonstrating FastWay’s commitment to creating cutting-edge charging infrastructure.



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