Two new FastWay charging stations have been activated in Azzano Mella

Fastway ricarica auto elettrica Azzano Mella Brescia

Azzano Mella (BS), February 21, 2024 FastWay, one of the leading independent Charge Point Operators (CPOs) in Italy in the high-power charging sector, has initiated the installation of two new fast and ultra-fast charging stations in Azzano Mella, in the province of Brescia. Fastway’s network now rises to 94 installed charging points, which will reach 250 in the first months of 2024, thanks to the intensive development plan that is progressing according to forecasts.

The first fast charging station to be already activated in Azzano Mella is located in Via Brede and, with a power of 50 kW, is primarily designed for residents who want to recharge their car in a few hours, making use of the charging time to engage in activities in the area. The second, currently in the activation phase, is located along the SP IX in Via Giovanni XXIII Via Giovanni XXIII and will provide greater power of 120 kW for both residents and passing travelers who have little time available and require an ultra-fast charge in just 10-30 minutes. The two different types of charging stations, all accessible 24/7 and powered by 100% renewable energy, offer a fast and efficient solution that meets the specific needs of all users.

As Mayor Matteo Ferrari commented:“The new FastWay charging station on Via delle Brede is now operational, and work on Via Giovanni XXIII XXIII will soon be completed. We strongly support public and private initiatives that promote gentle and sustainable mobility, and this project is a tangible symbol of our commitment to promoting an effective transition to the use of electric vehicles. This step not only emphasizes urban regeneration and responsible land use but also highlights the timeliness in implementing this service. We are determined to adopt concrete measures for a greener and more sustainable future for all.”

Massimo Trioni CTO of FastWay, added: : “We sincerely thank the Azzano Mella Administration, which trusted us from the outset and with whom we have established an excellent working relationship. Azzano Mella was chosen by us for its strategic position on the Brescia-Cremona axis along the SP IX, and for this reason, we proposed two different stations: an ultra-fast one along the provincial road in the commercial area, which we will activate in the coming weeks, to offer a service to both passing users and residents; a second one of 50 kW in the urban area for those who need to recharge within more suitable times to take advantage of other services offered by the Municipality. Both stations are indeed in direct current to be used at the maximum available power by all models of electric vehicles on the market.”

FastWay charging stations are easily accessible via smartphone apps from major charging service providers and feature a large screen that provides detailed usage instructions and real-time updates on the ongoing charging session, ensuring an optimized user experience. This display not only facilitates interaction with the charging station but can also provide useful information to citizens and visitors, thereby contributing to raising public awareness about the use of electric vehicles.