The first two Fast Charging Hubs activated in the provinces of Brescia and Turin.

Struttura di ricarica per veicoli elettrici Torino Fastway

September 20, 2023 – FastWay, an independent operator in the development and management of high-power charging infrastructure for electric vehicles nationwide, has activated the first two Fast Charging Hubs in the provinces of Brescia and Turin.

The operation, completed in less than two months, is part of a larger project that initially involves a series of installations of Fast and Ultrafast stations along the main communication corridors between cities in Northern Italy, as well as comprehensive coverage of the most populous municipalities. The goal is to reach 15,000 Fast and Ultra Fast charging points within 10 years.

The Brescia Hub, located in Pontevico at the exit of the A21 motorway and equipped with a refreshment point, consists of 4 CCS2 charging points with a maximum power of 120 kW, expandable in the future up to 240 kW; while the Turin Hub, installed in Alpignano at the parking lot of a superstore, consists of 2 CCS2 charging points with a maximum power of 120 kW, expandable in the future up to 240 kW, paired with 4 Type 2 AC charging points, also equipped with integrated cables. All charging stations, powered by 100% renewable energy, can be used via smartphone apps from major charging service providers and are also equipped with a large monitor providing usage instructions and information on the ongoing charging session.

The layout of our charging stations has been developed to enhance the user experience in terms of usability and ease of use.” – explains Engineer Massimo Trioni, Head of Engineering and Operations at FastWay “The layout of the FAST stations and the length of the cables allow both stalls to be used regardless of the position of the socket on the vehicle, while our Quick charging columns, installed to complete the Alpignano hub, offer the same user experience as their larger counterparts thanks to the integrated cable, which simplifies the connection of the car to the station and eliminates the risk of the user cable getting stuck in the charging socket.”

FastWay carefully selects the most suitable sites for the installation of charging stations through proprietary software that identifies the need for charging services on a territorial basis. The stations are always integrated into contexts with one or more points of interest, such as restaurants, shops, supermarkets, cinemas, hotels, shopping and sports centers, allowing users to make the most of the time needed for charging operations, thus becoming attractors of new customers for the businesses themselves.