Town of Morbegno (SO)

Ricarica auto elettriche rapida Morbegno

The Municipality of Morbegno, in the province of Sondrio, faced the challenge of implementing a fast charging station near a railway interchange. However, the endeavor proved complex due to objective difficulties in obtaining the necessary authorizations, due to power constraints and interference with railway subservices. The complexity of the situation required a prompt and highly collaborative solution.

The FastWay Solution

FastWay tackled the challenge with determination, fostering constructive dialogue with the Municipality, the energy distributor, and local authorities. Through effective collaboration, the best technical and administrative approaches were identified to overcome obstacles. The proposed solution obtained authorizations on December 1, 2023.

Achieved Results

FastWay’s targeted approach and operational efficiency led to an extraordinary outcome. The charging station was activated in record time, on January 29, 2024, in less than two months from the authorization issuance.
The installed charging station includes 2 Fast charging points at 120 kW.

Key Points

The successful case in Morbegno confirms FastWay’s ability to overcome complex technical and bureaucratic challenges, providing fast and reliable charging solutions. Effective collaboration with local authorities not only contributed to the installation’s success but also solidified FastWay’s reputation as a leader in implementing advanced charging infrastructure.

The Municipality of Morbegno and users particularly appreciated FastWay’s promptness in activating the station in record time, demonstrating responsiveness and efficiency superior to other operators who, despite initiating processes earlier, remained stuck in obtaining authorizations.


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