NovaCoop Alpignano (TO)

Coop Aplignano colonnina di ricarica auto elettriche

NovaCoop, owner of the future Coop site at Via Venaria 39 A in Alpignano (TO), faced a significant challenge: to inaugurate a new supermarket while offering an essential additional service – a fast charging system for electric vehicles to be provided to its customers. The deadline was tight and required a quick solution that met expectations.

The FastWay Solution

By the end of March 2023, FastWay responded to NovaCoop’s request, committing to install a fast charging solution at the Alpignano site. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, FastWay worked promptly and activated the system in less than 3 months from the contract signing, meeting the supermarket’s opening timelines.

Achieved Results

Thanks to FastWay’s rapid activation of the charging system, NovaCoop was able to provide its customers with fast and efficient charging service from the supermarket’s opening day. The installation positively contributed to the sustainable image of the shopping center and offered added value to customers using electric vehicles.

Currently, the charging system includes:

  • 2 Fast charging points at 120 kW
  • 4 Quick charging points at 22 kW

Key Points

The success of this installation at NovaCoop in Alpignano demonstrates FastWay’s ability to promptly respond to customer needs, ensuring advanced, reliable, and tailored charging solutions. Effective collaboration has solidified FastWay’s reputation as a trusted partner in implementing fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.



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