FastWay brings fast electric vehicle charging to Spirano (BG)

Fastway colonnina di ricarica a Spirano

Spirano, December 14, 2023FastWay, one of the leading independent Charge Point Operators (CPOs) in Italy in the high-power charging sector, announces the activation of a new Fast charging station for electric vehicles in the Municipality of Spirano, in the province of Bergamo. The charging station, located on Via De Gasperi, has a total power of 120 kW and is equipped with 2 CCS2 type sockets in direct current, capable of bringing the state of charge of current Long Range vehicles from 20% to 80% in about 30 minutes.

Speed is at the heart of FastWay’s business philosophy, reflected not only in the speed at which electric vehicles can be charged at the stations but also in the promptness with which the company completes the installation of such infrastructure. As Paolo Esposto, Co-founder and CEO of FastWay, explains: “After obtaining municipal authorization, we have accelerated the installation process unprecedentedly, successfully completing the entire project in just 30 days. This result is the result of our company’s constant commitment to providing fast and efficient charging solutions, promptly responding to the growing needs of electric mobility and administrations that believe in us. We are therefore excited to bring our fast charging infrastructure to such a strategic location as Spirano. This initiative is part of a broader project aimed at covering the Milan-Bergamo-Brescia-Cremona area, improving accessibility to charging stations for electric vehicle owners.”

The Mayor of Spirano, Yuri Grasselli, emphasized the efficiency and timeliness of the charging station installation, adding: “We are pleased to collaborate with FastWay to make our Municipality more sustainable and at the forefront of offering charging services for electric vehicles. Our Administration is committed to promoting sustainable mobility, and the presence of this charging station represents an important step towards this goal.”

The charging station is already operational and accessible through smartphone apps from major charging service providers. Additionally, it is equipped with a large monitor that provides usage instructions and detailed information about the ongoing charging session. The monitor also serves to convey useful information to citizens and tourists, contributing to promoting greater awareness of electric vehicle usage.

The new activation in Spirano is part of a broader strategy of the company, which involves a series of installations of Fast stations, with power ranging from 50 to 120 kW, along the “Lombardia Est” corridor in the Milan-Bergamo-Brescia-Cremona area, with the aim of enabling all electric vehicle owners to move and recharge quickly in territories that have so far lacked fast charging stations. Within this area, FastWay’s fast charging network already includes numerous stations installed in the municipalities of Milan, Solaro (MI), Azzano Mella (BS), Castel Mella (BS), Castegnato (BS), Darfo Boario Terme (BS), Gianico (BS), Pontevico (BS), San Gervasio Bresciano (BS), Verolanuova (BS), and Crema (CR).

FastWay carefully selects sites to ensure even distribution of stations, favoring places of interest such as restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and other activity centers, to provide a convenient and comprehensive charging experience. With this initiative, FastWay significantly contributes to the growth of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure network, promoting the transition to more sustainable and accessible mobility for all.