FastWay chooses Sitetracker to contribute to implementing its 15,000 charging points.

Fastway e Sitetracker partnership per ricarica elettrica

The technological platform boosts the adoption of electric mobility worldwide.

Milan, December 12, 2023 FastWay, one of the leading independent Charge Point Operators (CPOs) in Italy in the high-power charging sector, has chosen Sitetracker, the leading global provider of charging station development and operations management software, to support its industrial plan to install over 15,000 fast and ultra-fast charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) over the next ten years. FastWay represents, therefore, another international expansion of Sitetracker’s software usage, already present in 100 countries.

By utilizing Sitetracker’s Quickstart Plus solution for EVs, FastWay has made its entire company operational on the Sitetracker platform within a few weeks, gaining a time advantage in the market and accelerating the energy transition from fossil fuels to clean electricity. . Prior to Sitetracker, FastWay relied on basic tools, such as spreadsheets, to manage its operations, but the increased complexity due to the high number of new charging station development projects required more advanced technological solutions. With Sitetracker, the company has adopted a holistic system capable of managing all its activities in a single environment, from site selection to asset management, task allocation to project supervision.

“Sitetracker has already implemented some of the best practices of our industry within its platform, but it has been further customized through collaboration with our team to adapt to our unique approach and business needs,” said Paolo Esposto, Founder of FastWay. “The intuitive user interface, mobile functionalities, and high scalability of the solution have made Sitetracker the best choice to support the growth of our business and, together, shape the future of clean energy.”

“FastWay is exactly the type of company Sitetracker was created for: an innovator playing an active role in the transition to a more sustainable future through the implementation of critical infrastructure,” said Giuseppe Incitti, CEO of Sitetracker. “No business is growing faster than electric vehicle charging infrastructure worldwide, and our European expansion is a testament to this. Analysts forecast an annual growth rate of 25% for the sector and we continue to see strong market demand for our EV charging solution.”

Providers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure are competing to spread their stations extensively across the territory, but but they face numerous challenges, including selecting the most suitable sites from a functional standpoint and complying with network constraints, managing a complex ecosystem of suppliers characterized by numerous procurement constraints, and coordinating operational and maintenance activities on infrastructure spread across the territory. Sitetracker’s software is specifically designed to help overcome these challenges and increase operational efficiency.